Attended GUADEC 2016 happening in Karlsruhe Germany a couple of weeks ago, here follow a few notes.

It was nice to meet and see familiar and new faces of the community. While meeting with community members I shared my view of the project including some of the concerns I have.

Beside meeting people it was interesting to attend some of the talks during the Core days.

Got a strong impression that there is indeed quite a strong willingness among the community to drive the project forward, advancing the state of the free software desktop (something which I indeed feel is badly needed).

Highlights during the BoF days included attending parts of the Engagement team BoF (which was very nice set-up) and the Nautilus BoF.

(photo by me)

Want to thank the GNOME foundation for the accommodation sponsorship.

*A non trivial reason for me to attend was to help document the conference in pictures.