The first stop on my US-trip was a few days stay in in New York City (NYC), here are some notes.

Brooklyn the neighborhood I was staying in was a fantastic experience. Before my visit I had just heard the name and thought it was basically just a place where people lived. Had no idea it was such a living area with so many restaurants, shops and cafe's where people could socialize. In the areas around Park Slope it felt like I find the "real" New York. If you go to New York don't forget to explore Brooklyn!

Skyscrapers It was really cool to watch the Manhattan skyscrapers in real life, a much richer experience than see them on TV or anything. My favorite view of them was from Brooklyn Bridge Park.

New Yorkers are just like you imagine them. The City have a very upbeat feel, when you walk on Manhattan you can really feel the energy, pulse. Everyone from businessmen to construction workers seems proud of the city and eager to work hard to make sure the city stays on top.

Food NYC have an enormous selection of street food (especially Pizza),unfortunately quality do not always seems to be the top priority, there is a lot of junk available.

Beside experience the city I'm also glad I had the opportunity to say hello to some local open source people.