Second stop on my US-trip was Portland Oregon. Visit Portland for attending DebConf14 was the main reason for my trip, nor the conference or the city dispositioned.

Relaxed atmosphere: The city have a very relaxed atmosphere, everyone from the bus-driver to the salespersons at the local supermarket offered a smile and a few good words, people seemed in general to be genuine happy about living in Portland. This reminded me of in many ways of my hometown Gothenburg.

Diversity: Despite that the city is relatively small it still felt very diverse. There was such a wide selection of coffee-shops, farmers markets, health centers, alternative medicine, pubs/dinners.

DebConf14 was great. As a FSCONS organiser I know how much effort a volunteer based conference require. I was especially impressed by the front desk and video team, I’m sure there is a lot conference organisers can learn from these guys. It was great to meet Allison Randal again, she FSCONS 2012 and was part of the local DebConf14 organising team (was surprised to know she was involved with organiszing several edtions of OSCON). At the end of the conference I gave a lightning talk about FirefoxOS, which I thought was well received, the news about the 25$ phone sparked a strong interest among the few indian attendees.

Of course stopped by the local Mozilla office where I said hello to a few local mozillians and did a short hike in Washington Park (if you are in Portland, don't forget to visit this beautiful park).