Just days after FSCONS I took the train from Gothenburg (where I live) to Malmö for representing Mozilla at the major web developer conference Øredev.

During FSCONS we focused most of our attention on community building. Øredev on the other hand was all about reaching out about Firefox, FirefoxOS and opportunities around them.

The Nordic markets have one of the highest smartphone penetrations in the world, many here are also early adopters of new technology which makes it an interesting market to study trends.

Some of the things I notated after talking to users and developers was:

  • Firefox is a reorganized and loved brand.

  • There is a strong interest for alternatives among browsers

  • Many people who had used a recent version of Firefox was using it as their primary browser.

    Think this point really shows that the huge efforts that's been made by Firefox developers over last years to improve the performance and polish the UI are paying off.

  • Mobile continues to be an important focus for many developers, lots of excitement around Android.

Because of the time and place it very much felt like being in the eye of a perfect storm. The stakes are high in a time when the competition in the browser and mobile market are rough.

Øredev 2014 was a fun, intensive experience.