On October 1 the GNOME Foundation 2014 Fiscal Year Annual Report was published, here follow some personal reflections from someone who did initial coordination and writing work but if anything kept a watchful eye on things.

While I think everyone involved should be proud of their effort there is some efforts I think deserves extra attention and I want to highlight:

-Nuritzi Sanchez who at a critical time stepped up and did suburb coordination and communication work, this included shaping up a schedule, sending friendly reminders to folks and proof reading. Seriously doubt we would have got the report published by October 1 if not for her efforts.

-Rosana for tirelessly proofreading and making improvements to the articles.

-Andreas Nilsson who (once again) did very, very important layout and design work. He never compromise with quality.

-Jeff Tam Fortim, @nekohayo who in addition to doing layout/design work made super valuable polish efforts just before the publishing of the report. We would not have got such a polished report without his efforts. As this was not enough Jeff also took lead responsibility for sending for printed copies of the report to important stakeholder in the Free Software Community and industry.

Needless to say I think the GNOME Engagement Team should be proud of the report.

The report is for me not least a testament about what impact and work a group of determined people can get done when they work together and strive, even under challenging time pressing circumstances. It may be the finest collaborative work I have been directly involved with to date.